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What is laminated kraft paper tape?

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The laminated kraft paper tape is based on high-quality kraft paper, and pressure-sensitive adhesive is applied on its surface to form PE coating material which is easy to leave
Made into self-adhesive kraft paper tape. Features: used in special manufacturing process, easy separation of film and paper.
Application of laminated kraft paper: it is suitable for the production process of refrigerator and refrigeration industry, such as foam fitting of condenser tube, firecracker and firecracker,
And require to peel PE layer for processing occasions, carton packaging and other processes such as writing.
Kraft paper lamination adhesive tape is a kind of kraft paper adhesive tape with special kraft paper as base material, which is easy to delamination. Mainly composed of base material
The interface consists of PE coating, anti sticking layer and glue coating layer. Its structure is reasonable, because each interface layer is closely connected, so it has no starting point
The bad phenomena such as bubbles and gaps overcome the defects of the current technology, such as difficult stratification, large unwinding force, easy fracture and poor bonding effect. have
It is widely used in the production process of various refrigerators and freezers due to its good viscosity, strong adhesion, easy stratification and convenient use.
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