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Production technology of writable kraft paper tape!

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At present, there are two types of packaging tape popular in the packaging market. 

One is OPP transparent tape, which is suitable for resisting and simple packaging. 
It is characterized by convenient operation of packaging, and the disadvantage is that it is not flat, beautiful and easy to decompose after sealing. 

The second is kraft paper tape. 
Kraft paper tape is based on kraft paper. Glue is applied on one side of kraft paper tape to form a strong adhesive tape. The color of kraft paper tape is similar to the color of carton. 
It is more beautiful to seal the carton with it. 
It is suitable for sealing or covering the lettering of export carton.
Kraft paper tape is divided into self-adhesive kraft paper tape and wet water kraft paper tape. 
The wet water kraft paper tape is made of kraft paper as the base material and modified starch as the adhesive. 
The adhesive can only be produced after wet water, which has the characteristics of writing on kraft paper; 
self adhesive kraft paper tape is made of coated kraft paper as the base material, coated with acrylic glue or natural rubber glue, with water-proof, strong adhesive, high tensile strength, good retention, no edge warping, and stable weather resistance.
The existing self-adhesive kraft paper tape is divided into organic silicone oil isolation layer, kraft paper layer and adhesive layer from top to bottom. 
The organic silicone isolation layer is mostly solvent-based liquid, which is evenly coated on the kraft paper surface. 
After the solvent volatilizes, the organic silicone is completely solidified, but the organic silicone layer is coated on the kraft paper layer, on the one hand, the organic silicone is easy to cause environmental pollution, on the other hand In addition, the stability of silicone layer is poor, and the adhesion between silicone layer and kraft paper layer is often not strong.
Therefore, a writable kraft paper tape with environmental protection, pollution-free, strong stability and high strength is proposed. 
A writable kraft paper tape is provided, including kraft paper layer, adhesive layer and writing layer. 
The adhesive layer is located on the lower surface of the kraft paper layer, and the writing layer is copolymerized by dodecyl carbamate ethylene acrylic acid coated on the upper surface of the kraft paper layer The weight of the writing layer is 0.001lg/m2.
A reinforcing layer is compounded between the kraft paper layer and the adhesive layer.
The adhesive layer is hot-melt adhesive or solvent adhesive or water-based adhesive.
It can write kraft paper tape with the following beneficial effects:
The upper surface of the writable kraft paper tape is coated with a writing layer, which is formed by dodecyl carbamate ethylene acrylic copolymer applied on the upper surface of the kraft paper layer. 
Therefore, the writing layer does not contain silicon and reduces environmental pollution.

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