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Difference between beating&grinding of water activated kraft tape!

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In the production of water activated kraft tape, the problems of beating and refining of base paper of kraft paper tape are involved.

In fact, why is it said that the wet kraft paper tape is made of beating rather than grinding?
From the analysis of Ancient Papermaking Process: generally, beating is a process in papermaking process, it is through the cutting of fibers, so that the ability between fibers in the pulp is constantly enhanced, and the paper performance can be extended.
However, refining is the process of pulping, which is to decompose the raw materials into single fibers, which belongs to the preliminary work of beating.
With the improvement of pulping and papermaking process and the continuous improvement of papermaking technology, the old beating and grinding tools are rarely used for processing, but the widely used rotary grinding equipment is used to process the fiber raw materials. Therefore, there is no big difference between the beating and grinding now.
From beating and refining two aspects of the role of analysis, they are essentially different.
Pulping generally refers to mechanical pulping or semi mechanical pulping, in which wood, bamboo, rice straw, bagasse and reed are processed by rotating machinery to obtain raw materials for paper or paperboard production.
Beating is a process of reprocessing pulp fibers.
The purpose is to further reduce, cut, separate, fuzz and broom the raw material fiber of plant coarse pulp, so as to achieve certain freeness / beating degree, wet weight, hydration degree and strength, so as to make the pulp meet the different performance requirements of paper.
Whether it is wet kraft paper tape or other paper tape papermaking process, beating is a very important step.
"Seven points beating, three points papermaking" reflects the important position of beating in modern paper industry.
The beating process and strength of paper play a very important role in the toughness, burst resistance and tear resistance of paper.

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