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How can writable kraft paper tape be stored?

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According to the introduction of the manufacturers of writable kraft paper tape, many companies hope that they can buy and use it immediately and achieve zero inventory.
But in fact, this idea is not realistic. In the process of reproduction, there will be all kinds of unexpected things, which can not completely achieve the goal of zero inventory.
Then we can only reduce the inventory of materials as much as possible and shorten the inventory cycle.
Because kraft paper tape itself is greatly affected by external environmental factors, and once the paper performance changes, it can not be restored, so it will cause certain losses to the subsequent production and processing.
Therefore, we should pay attention to the storage of kraft paper tape.
Kraft paper tape base paper should not be stored in the open air as far as possible.
If open storage cannot be avoided under certain circumstances, it must be noted that it should not be stored for too long. At the same time, canvas should be used to cover the base paper to avoid sunlight and rain.
Kraft base paper is sensitive to the humidity in the environment, and it is easy to absorb and lose moisture, which causes the paper product to appear wrinkle and curling. Therefore, the storage environment of kraft paper tape needs to be kept dry and clean to avoid stacking close to the wall.
Therefore, the storage of base paper should choose a clean and dry environment. When the base paper is stacked, it can not be stacked close to the wall. The humidity of the warehouse where the base paper is stored should be kept at 50% - 65%.
Kraft paper tape contains wood fiber and many other chemical components. It is easy to fade after a long time of sunlight, which affects the use effect.
And the base paper after exposure due to evaporation of moisture in the paper will lead to the base paper brittle deformation, so that it can not be used for brush. In the stack time also should pay attention not to be too high, in order to avoid the lower layer of paper crushing.
Moreover, if the stack is too high, it is easy to collapse, resulting in paper breakage and artificial casualties.
The temperature of base paper storage environment is not easy to be too high. If the temperature is too high, the strength of base paper will decrease.
Therefore, it is suggested that the stacking height of kraft paper tape should not be more than 5 meters, and the storage environment temperature should be controlled at 15 ~ 25 ℃.

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