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Solve the bubble in the writable kraft paper tape!

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According to the introduction of the manufacturer of eco friendly writable kraft paper tape, we always encounter some problems when using kraft paper tape, which we can accept.
But most people do not know what causes the kraft paper tape to have bubbles.
If we can sort out the problems in these aspects, it is bound to be of great help to our operation.
1. How to produce bubbles in kraft paper tape?
Of course, in different environments, the way in which bubbles appear in kraft paper tape is different. For example, in production, you can't see bubbles when purchasing. But if we want to use kraft paper tape to seal boxes, the probability of bubbles is relatively large.
Of course, if there are bubbles on the kraft paper tape of self love, we should not worry too much. In fact, it will disappear after a period of time.
If we can put the kraft paper tape for a long time, then its transparency will be better.
2. How to solve the problem of semi-finished products in kraft paper tape?
In fact, the kraft paper tape that we generally say is finished products, but for some semi-finished products that need to be processed, how should we preserve them?
In short, we should reasonably place those materials and equipment. Of course, if it is necessary to protect them, we should also protect them, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of quality problems.
In addition, we should also paste some semi-finished product logo, so that we will consciously protect them. Of course, in peacetime, we should also do a good job in the preservation of the environment.

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