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Reason for the edge warping of writable kraft paper tape?

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According to the introduction of the manufacturer of writable kraft paper tape, kraft paper tape is a roll type adhesive tape made of masking paper and pressure-sensitive glue, which is coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive on textured paper and coated with anti sticking material on the other side. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, chemical solvent resistance, high adhesion, softness and no residual glue.
What are the reasons for the edge warping of kraft paper tape?
1. The viscosity of glue is too weak: the proper glue material should be selected;
2. Insufficient pressure of labeler: the causes and solutions are as follows;
3. Label surface material: when selecting label surface material, we should consider whether the label object is a plane or a curved surface, whether it is a large diameter or a small diameter, whether it is a single surface or a sphere, whether it is a rigid body or a compressible deformation, these indicators are the same as the surface material selection. There is a direct relationship. Soft bottles shall be made of soft materials such as PE, PVC, UN stretched PP and PE and PP synthetic materials. Pet, BOPP and PS materials can be considered for hard bottles;
4. Improper selection of adhesive: when selecting self-adhesive adhesive, first determine whether the adhesive required for self-adhesive label is permanent or movable, whether it is adhesive or repeatable. And whether the product has special requirements on the chemical properties of dry adhesive label. For example, on large surfaces, the surface material should not be selected from thick or hard paper materials (such as mirror coated paper). Film or tissue materials and adhesives with high initial viscosity; for containers requiring hot filling, the surface materials of adhesive materials should be selected from film materials and good initial viscosity
5. Poor film tension control: after the label of the correct film is removed from the backing paper, it will be flat and will not curl. After the label, the label can keep good follow-up; the label with too tight tension comes from the backing paper. After removal, the label is reversed, resulting in the label edge degumming and warping after labeling;
6. The shape design of the bottle is unreasonable: the reasonable design should be that the surface of the bottle is flat (mainly flat bottle and round bottle), but if the surface is partially spherical within the label range, paper label should be used. When labeling, the label area is large, and both sides of the lower end of the label are easy to wrinkle.

The above six reasons are more and more. In order to improve the effect of kraft tape, we must prevent the appearance of the above six kinds. The most important thing is the first. We have to choose when we buy. Good quality, so long service life

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