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How to check the quality of kraft paper tape?

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The manufacturer of wet kraft paper tape introduced that the quality of kraft paper tape, whether it is easy to use, whether it will shed hair and other problems. However, it is very inconvenient to use relevant instruments for inspection. We introduced five commonly used kraft paper testing methods, hoping to be of some use to you.
There are many ways to test the quality of kraft paper tape. For people who have been working in kraft paper industry for more than ten years, they have their own unique opinions and detection methods. Even some people know what kraft paper is at a glance, which weight is several grams, which price is corresponding, and which kraft paper is the most favorable for customers.
First of all, we can see the appearance, see whether the base paper of kraft paper tape can have the phenomenon of hair falling and powder falling. This is the simplest way to detect high-quality kraft paper. We can also face the kraft paper to the strong light, let the light pass through the kraft paper. If there is no rough spot, line and other obvious phenomena in the shadow, it shows that the weight of kraft paper is very average, which is basically qualified. At the same time, it can be seen that the surface roughness of each kind of kraft paper is different. Touch the kraft paper by hand and compare it with the sample at the same time, and pay attention to check whether there are pinhole stripes and other adverse phenomena on the surface of the paper to see the quality of kraft paper tape.
Of course, it is also possible to take out several pieces of kraft base paper and stop folding for several times. If there is a very obvious crack after folding, it indicates that the kraft paper tape base paper is not qualified, otherwise it is qualified.
Finally, take samples to measure the weight of kraft paper, but this requires the use of testing tools. According to different kinds of kraft paper, ordinary kraft paper tape performance testing can stop testing whether the kraft paper quality is qualified in terms of thickness, tightness, smoothness, expansion rate, bursting resistance, whiteness, etc.

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