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Color difference of kraft paper tape!

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Writable kraft paper tape manufacturers to introduce that kraft paper color difference, kraft paper encounter such problems is really a headache, industry peers and kraft paper tape manufacturers have the same deep feeling, kraft paper is the primary color paper, and the manufacturing process is relatively crude, especially box board paper, refined kraft paper, etc., color difference performance is very severe.
Many factors, such as different sources of raw materials, different production batches, different production seasons, etc., will affect the color orientation of kraft paper waste, and there is no rule to find. As for printing, the color of paper is one of the most important factors to determine whether the effect of print pattern can achieve the expected effect. The trade disputes caused by the color difference of kraft paper are also common.
1. "Kraft paper" belongs to the colored paper made from raw pulp. The color of the waste products is determined by the color of the original materials (raw wood pulp, recycled waste paper) of the production batch and the time of paper making. Therefore, the color of the original paper cannot be strictly controlled at the time of production (except white kraft paper, because white kraft paper is a bleaching technology). Thus caused the Kraft linerboard, the batch is different, the color is different phenomenon widespread attack.
2. In view of this kind of phenomenon, and the handling cases summarized by previous customers, the kraft paper tape manufacturer gives the following handling suggestions for reference: assuming that your products are sensitive to the request of kraft paper background color, you can choose to print a layer of "background color" or "transparent color" before printing to achieve the effect of color difference;
In addition, if you only have a color request for the printing part, it is suggested that you add one more film to the printing pattern part during film production and plate making. It is better to use transparent ink or white ink, and request that this plate be placed in the first block of your printer to achieve the same color of the printing part.
For this kind of phenomenon, the manufacturer of writable kraft paper tape has the following solutions:
1. Prevention first: no matter the sale of kraft paper or the purchase of kraft paper products, we should be cautious about the color difference of kraft paper.
2. Suppose that the product has color requirements for the overall appearance, and needs to be repeatedly produced by turning over the sheet, we suggest that the customer should make the base color of kraft paper the same before printing, so as to ensure that the color of each batch of goods is fundamentally different, and the author recommends two detailed control methods:
a. Printing a full plate background color close to kraft paper color;
b. Pass a thin oil. The above two methods can achieve the same color.
As like as two peas, 3, if customers need printing, the color on the back must be exactly the same. In this way, the requirements for technology are relatively high, and the size of kraft paper is the same size.
There are color differences in different batches and specifications of kraft paper tape base paper. Of course, there are also some color differences between different reels. We can cut kraft paper in this way when we cut kraft paper.

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