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What is water glue kraft paper tape?

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  Water adhesive kraft paper tape is a self-adhesive kraft tape made of kraft paper and coated with emulsion type pressure sensitive adhesive.
It is famous for its good temperature resistance and adhesion. Emulsion type pressure-sensitive adhesive kraft paper uses: mainly used for all kinds of carton sealing;
Plant high temperature connection, etc. Water based pressure-sensitive adhesive is a self crosslinking pure acrylic emulsion, which is good for metals, glass and paper.
It is suitable for various types of coaters, fast drying, high-speed coating, good compatibility with pigments, and can be used for
Make BOPP film tape, paper-based tape and other products. The water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive for adhesive tape is acrylate polymer, which adopts a variety of specialties
The monomer is polymerized by special polymerization process. The water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive has the advantages of good leveling, excellent adhesion and peel strength,
Suitable for all kinds of tape production.
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