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Knowledge introduction of kraft paper tape

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Kraft paper tape is made of kraft paper as the base material and plant glue (modified starch) as the adhesive. It can only be used after the surface is wetted
Produce viscosity. It has waterproof, strong viscosity, high tensile strength, good persistence, no edge warping and stable weather resistance. It can be divided into: wet kraft paper tape
Reinforced kraft paper tape, writable kraft paper tape, self-adhesive kraft paper tape; here is a brief introduction to the knowledge of kraft paper tape!
1、 Characteristics of kraft paper tape
1. Good safety, easy to use, no energy consumption, no pollution.
2. Take kraft paper as base material, glue system as hot melt glue.
3. It has waterproof, strong viscosity, high tensile strength, good persistence, no edge warping and stable weather resistance
4. High viscosity, no warping, long shelf life, long-term and effective viscosity without moisture
2、 Main uses of kraft paper tape
It is mainly used for the sealing of various corrugated cardboard boxes and plastic boxes, the correction of carton marks, the edge sealing / splicing of wood industry, the corner sticking of cartons, the back sealing of paper bags / woven bags, and the construction
Industry all kinds of board gluing and covering.
Kraft paper tape is also widely used, such as furniture use, shopping malls, wedding ceremonies, industrial pipelines, industrial packaging and so on.
3、 Storage environment of kraft paper tape
In the process of suspending storage, kraft paper tape must pay attention to the application effect of its products. In the process of suspending storage, the temperature of its products will generally be left at 20 ℃
Right, kraft paper tape is to some extent required to avoid placing it in the center where the temperature crossing is too high. The shelf life of kraft paper tape is half a year. The product should
Effectively package and store it in a cool and monotonous environment, so as to avoid sunlight, freezing and high temperature to a certain extent, and maintain the tape from damage.
4、 Application of kraft paper tape
1. Prepare scissors, water and packing before use.
2. Use scissors to cut the tape to the right length; pull the kraft paper tape to the right position to stop cutting.
3. Wet the tape with prepared water.
4. Lay the adhesive tape that has been filled with water on the surface of the object to be pasted.
Precautions for use: make sure the surface is coated with proper amount of water; if some parts of the paper are not sticky after use, please check whether the water is not enough or not
Whether there are dust and oil stains on the surface of sticky objects. After sealing, please smooth the kraft paper tape to ensure that there is no bubble, otherwise it will affect the adhesion effect.

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