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Influence of moisture on kraft tape printing!

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ECO friendly writable kraft paper tape manufacturers introduced that in our daily life, kraft paper tape can be seen in packaging bags, document bags, envelope bags and some food packaging. Kraft paper tape has good physical properties, strong wear resistance and moisture resistance.
Many products will choose kraft paper tape for printing. What is the influence of kraft paper tape moisture on printing?
Kraft paper tape can not be designed and printed when used as packaging. In the printing process, if the moisture content of kraft paper tape is too high, the final printing effect will be affected.
Because the raw materials of kraft paper tape are plant fiber and other fillers, the longitudinal expansion rate is small, while the horizontal expansion rate is larger, and the maximum is more than 0.3mm, which directly affects the final printing effect.
Kraft paper tape in the process of storage, four sides and air contact more, which will lead to less moisture in the four sides and large moisture content in the middle of the paper.
The uneven moisture content of kraft paper tape in this storage time factory will lead to the appearance of "lotus leaf edge". If there is word problem, the image and text imprint obtained in the printing process will not be consistent with the printing plate, resulting in inaccurate overprint.
Therefore, before printing, you need to pretreat kraft paper tape. First of all, the paper with broken and uneven surface must be removed and cannot be used.
The temperature and humidity of kraft paper tape storage space should be consistent with that of printing workshop, so as to prevent uneven water content and upward and downward warping during printing.
In addition, kraft paper tape can also be packaged and stored when it is produced. It can be removed one or two days in advance when printing is needed, so as to avoid water loss due to long exposure time.

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