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The relationship between (No PE)writable kraft paper tape and tape

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At present, the writable kraft paper tape is widely used in various industries, especially in the chemical industry. The film and adhesive market is expanding rapidly. China has become the largest annual growth country in the world's adhesive industry processing and consumption of large manufacturing plants.
For the same type of tape, if the molecular weight or molecular weight distribution is different, for the same type of tape, if the composition is different, the processing performance of the tape and the mechanical properties after the film is made, the physical and chemical properties will be different.
Both transparent tape and writable kraft paper tape are affected by raw materials. This urges us to pay attention to the grade and grade of the polymer when choosing the raw material of the tape.
In the production of plastic film, it is often necessary to add some additives to the polymer. The types and properties of these additives have a great influence on the properties of the film.
In the production of kraft paper tape, polymer and some additives are often mixed in a certain proportion to achieve the purpose of improving some aspects of performance.
Raw material on tape
First, polyethylene can be added to tape materials such as lubricants to improve smooth tape.
Secondly, in the preparation of polyethylene film, stabilizer must be added because it is easy to decompose.
Third, the tape must have a reasonable formula combination, with the party tape raw materials have a suitable proportion. The performance of the tape can be changed by adjusting the composition and scale.
With the acceleration of economic globalization and the rapid development of China's economy, kraft paper tape related information has become China's largest and most attractive market. Adhesive industry has become the most dynamic and intense property of China's chemical industry. With the development of economy and the progress of science and technology, the application of this field is also expanding. For example, wood, paper, packaging, mobile phones, optoelectronics, communications, automobile, textile, electronic and medical industries all use adhesives, tape and tape.

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