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Semi wood pulp wet water kraft paper tape

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Semi wood pulp wet kraft paper tape is a kraft paper tape made of semi wood pulp kraft paper as the base material, the adhesive coated with modified starch is dried at high temperature and rolled up.

Semi wood pulp wet water paper products have no viscosity in normal state. When using, the gluing surface must be wet before water to produce viscosity.
Semi wood pulp wet kraft paper tape usage: used for carton sealing or covering the lettering of carton.
Semi wood kraft paper is not made from all wood pulp on the root of wood kraft paper, but from the synthesis of other sizes.
Semi wood pulp wet kraft paper tape is not sticky before wet water, but sticky after wet water. It can write and print font, logo or company trademark on kraft paper. Wet paper adhesive
The substrate and adhesive of the tape will not pollute the environment, and can be recycled with the packaging.

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