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What is the difference between kraft paper tape and common tape?

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The first difference is environmental protection.
After the plastic tape is used, it needs to stop disposal. No matter it is burned or disposed by other processing methods, it will produce some waste materials, especially gas, which will make our environment have a great pollution effect due to the plastic tape.
But this kind of kraft paper is completely different. They have the same strong environmental protection function as Kraft bags.

They can be used many times and can be used many times. Moreover, when they are damaged, they are relatively simple and will not have any pollution.
The second difference is strong tenacity.
It is understood that this kind of kraft paper tape has a strong tenacity. When we use this kind of tape, no matter how we use it or how we touch it, they will not be damaged casually.
Of course, in the process of application, they can well maintain the items in the box without any water intrusion, dust-free intrusion or other poor phenomena.

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