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What are the uses of kraft paper tape?

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Tape is a good helper in our daily life. Generally speaking, the common tape we use is transparent tape, but it is mostly used in some industrial packaging
Kraft paper tape and board factory mending tape. We are all familiar with tape.
Today, We simply introduces the use of kraft paper tape for you.
There are many kinds of kraft paper tape, such as white kraft paper tape, kraft paper tape and buffalo wave free paper tape. There are some similarities and differences between them.
Kraft paper tape, no Buffalo Leather tape product introduction:
Kraft free adhesive paper: suitable for paper, mold, clothing and case sealing.
Wet kraft paper: applicable to paper products, carton correction and packing and sealing, divided into wired and wireless two, can be printed.
Material: kraft paper, fiber thread. White kraft paper adhesive tape is made of wet kraft paper tape and hot-melt (or rubber type) pressure-sensitive adhesive. White adhesive tape shall be used for white packing box. With a sense of cleanliness, suitable for packaging of food and cosmetics.
There are three functions of kraft paper tape, which can be divided into three categories: case sealing, wheat head and label.
Case sealing type: wet kraft paper tape is more commonly used for case sealing. Because of its low cost, good sealing effect, many export products need to use wet kraft paper tape for case sealing to ensure the safety of goods.

Many sellers, such as Taobao store, often use the printed kraft paper tape to seal the box in order to make the packing more common and beautiful, which makes the packing of goods more professional. Wet kraft paper is a good case sealing tape (kraft paper tape), if you take printed words (printed tape), the effect will be better.

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