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How to improve the viscosity of adhesive tape

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Can write the introduction of kraft paper tape factory,
There are many kinds of adhesive tape, and there will be some gaps in the use of different types of adhesive tape. Many people do not know how to choose the adhesive tape when purchasing the adhesive tape. They often only think about the quality of the adhesive tape and do not pay attention to the scope of application, which leads to poor effect and insufficient viscosity of the adhesive tape.
Today, let's understand how to improve the viscosity of tape? How to improve the viscosity of tape. In fact, we only need to pay attention to a few points to improve the viscosity of tape
The first point is the application range of adhesive tape. Different application environment of adhesive tape will be different, so pay attention to it when selecting;
Second, the surface of the object to be bonded shall be clean without dust, oil stain, etc., which may affect the adhesive effect of the tape;
Third, the external pressure on the tape, so as to better bond.
In fact, if you want to improve the viscosity of the tape, you need to pay attention to the above points. The best way is to pay attention to the quality of the tape. If the quality of the tape itself is not good, it will directly affect the adhesion of the tape.
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