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Brief introduction of kraft paper tape!

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Water free kraft paper adhesive tape is a kind of adhesive tape product made of coated kraft paper and pressure-sensitive glue.

 Coated kraft paper uses PE coated kraft paper as the base material.  

There are plastic coated kraft paper, because the release agent has certain permeability, if there is no certain barrier, the release agent will be soaked into the paper, forming poor curing and the transport amount of release agent is too large (the cost is too high) and many other bad factors, so it is required to do plastic coating treatment on kraft paper (commonly known as the film),

domestic common use of polyethylene (PE) particles to stop the film, commonly known as PE leaching Membrane kraft paper. Kraft free adhesive paper is used to seal all kinds of cartons and plastic boxes, and export cartons.  Water free coated kraft paper tape price if you are interested in our kraft paper tape, you can call us, we will give you the most favorable wholesale price!

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