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the difference between masking tape and kraft paper tape!

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In daily life, there are many places where tape is needed. No matter in life or work, there are many kinds of tapes, such as transparent tape, case sealing tape, electrostatic tape, masking tape, kraft paper tape and so on. So what are the differences between masking tape and kraft tape? Let's understand the differences between masking tape and kraft tape together.
Differences between masking tape and kraft tape

Masking paper tape, masking paper + pressure-sensitive glue as raw material, with no residue, high adhesion, good chemical resistance, etc.

It is used for painting and fixing of electronics, hardware, automobile, electrical appliances, etc.
Kraft paper tape is easy to tear, burying, pollution-free, smooth to paste and smooth to glue surface. It can be used in leather industry or industry, such as the screen of carton printing, the packaging of clothing appearance and weight objects, etc.
Editor's summary: the above is about the classification of kraft paper tape and the related knowledge introduction of the difference between masking paper tape and kraft paper tape. Because of the difference in the characteristics and application scope of the two, you only need to stop selecting the appropriate products according to your own practical needs when choosing.

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