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What is white perforated wet water paper tape?

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The white perforated wet paper tape is made of white kraft paper as the base material, coated with modified chemical starch type rewetting adhesive, and punched and punched,
The adhesive surface shall be sticky after being wetted by water, which is used for edge sealing and splicing kraft paper tape in plywood manufacturing process.
White porous re wet kraft paper adhesive paper uses: for veneer veneer repair, joint; wood cutting edge. Edge sealing tape is mainly used
It is used in furniture, plywood manufacturing industry and wood industry to cut veneer or middle board on both sides for edge sealing, panel and veneer splicing; splicing tape is suitable for plywood and veneer

As well as the internal sticking, mending, splicing and connection of wood boards.
Application method: when using the white perforated rewetting tape, only use the sponge or cotton yarn containing water to spray water on the rubber surface, and then immediately
Paste the pasted object and press it properly to stick it on immediately.
Note: This product is strictly damped during storage, and the products not used up shall be sealed and stored in plastic bags.
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