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Why does wet water kraft paper tape slip after sealing?

Article provenance:未知 Popularity:Time:2020-03-22 10:25
According to the feedback of customers, the kraft paper tape manufacturers can't stick to the wet kraft paper when it's wet. It's like the wet kraft paper slips when it's coated with water. The main reason for the problem is that the water is too much!
Although the wet kraft paper tape will produce viscosity after passing water, it is not that the more water is applied, the better. Generally, we weigh the wet water quantity required by the wet kraft paper tape as follows:
Apply cotton cloth: wet the cotton cloth and lift it without dripping
Use sponge box: sponge requests to be full, press and hold the sponge with your fingers, and see water in a small amount
Use wet water paper cutting machine: the wet water of the brush is full, and the water output of the kettle can be set according to the needs of the machine

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