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What are the applications of kraft paper tape?

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In our daily life, there are many places that need to use kraft paper tape, mainly because there are many kinds of tape that we come into contact with whether in the day or in the operation, such as electrostatic tape, masking tape, transparent tape, and case sealing tape
Tape and other varieties. Use of kraft paper tape:

1. Wet Water kraft paper tape, high-strength kraft paper as the base material, coated with hot-melt and rubber type pressure-sensitive adhesive.
2. Wet Water  kraft paper tape, kraft paper as the base material, and modified starch as the adhesive. Only when the water is wet can it become sticky.
Wet kraft paper tape, with the characteristics of writing.
Characteristics of kraft paper tape
1. Strong initial viscosity
2. Recyclable environmental protection tape, 100% recycled, pollution-free, good for the environment
3. Non toxic, tasteless and non corrosive
4. High tensile strength and tensile resistance, not easy to crack, suitable for heavy packing
5. No noise, excellent power and stable quality
6. It can be printed and written
Once upon a time, people made it out of the skin of calves. But because of the high price, the development of human understand the chemical synthesis, the use of wood fiber synthesis, and then special chemical treatment, constitute the appearance of color like leather paper.
With the use of wood fiber, toughness, tear strength, suitable for the fixation of objects, especially carton sealing. The present state is lucid, which is often used to arrive at the function of the handwriting of the confession box.

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