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Distinguish quality of wet water kraft paper tape

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Wet water kraft paper tape manufacturers to introduce:
1、 Look at the paper of kraft tape.
For example, if the quality of kraft paper is original paper, the kraft paper tape looks smooth as a whole, and the paper lines are clear.
For example: if the quality of kraft paper is recycled paper, the paper used to make kraft paper tape will be hard, brittle and easy to break. When choosing or purchasing kraft paper tape, the kraft paper tape with original paper quality should be selected as far as possible
2、 Look at the stickiness of kraft tape. No matter it is water-free kraft paper tape or wet kraft paper tape, after bonding or pasting, no residual glue can be left on the surface of the object to be adhered.

3、 Thickness of single layer kraft tape. For example: if the object to be packed is heavy, the kraft paper tape will bear enough tension and thickness, and there will be corresponding different appeals.

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