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Eco friendly Writable Kraft paper tape used in life!

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Writable kraft paper tape manufacturers introduced that in our actual life, there will be many places to use kraft paper tape. 
In general, we often use kraft paper tape.  This is because it is more convenient for us to paste and use kraft paper tape. 
At the same time, the price of kraft tape is still very low, but in some aspects, it is better to use professional tape. 
Most of the time, we also use kraft tape when pasting wires and other electrical appliances, but in fact, we should try to use professional tape. 
Kraft tape cannot be electrically isolated, so professional tape should be used for safety.   
With the maturity of kraft paper tape technology, the cost of kraft paper tape is getting lower and lower, which has replaced many places that can not be used or can not be used in life. 
We are using kraft tape now, and the current kraft paper tape sales are still very considerable, which is inseparable from the durability of kraft paper tape.   
The so-called kraft paper tape is actually a kind of adhesive tape with kraft paper as the basic material and coated on one side of kraft paper to make it have high viscosity. 
This tape has been around for a long time.  At first, it was made of calfskin, but because of its high cost, the practicability of kraft paper tape was reduced. 
In the background, people began to use wood fiber to synthesize by chemical synthesis, and then special chemical treatment was carried out to form shape and color.
The shape we see now is more like Kraft kraft paper tape. 
Because of its stronger toughness and opaque appearance, wood fiber is very suitable for fixing cardboard boxes and closed objects with standard rubber weight, and its cost is relatively low.
Therefore, it is a relatively conventional adhesive tape and is widely used.

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