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Introduce Eco friendly writable kraft tape grade difference!

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 Eco friendly writable kraft paper tape manufacturers to introduce that Kraft paper is a kind of very tough and water-resistant packaging paper. It has a wide range of uses.

Kraft paper has the characteristics of environmental protection, recycling and cost saving. With the deepening of environmental protection concept, the demand of kraft paper is increasing, and it is more and more sought after by consumers and the market. So, how to distinguish the grades of kraft paper.
Generally, different kraft paper can be divided into a, B, C and so on.
Grade A: kraft paper is usually made of pure wood pulp. Kraft paper has compact quality, uniform thickness, good toughness, good pressure resistance, tensile resistance, tear resistance, puncture resistance, folding resistance and water resistance.

The paper is smooth on both sides and has a relatively uniform ink absorption property. The surface of kraft paper has less dusting and hair shedding.
Grade B: kraft paper is generally recycled kraft paper.

Although its price is relatively cheap, it can meet the needs of some printed materials with low requirements, such as monochromatic printing or printing with less ink level, grade B kraft paper can be used.
Grade C: kraft paper is basically made of recycled kraft paper, which is recycled by the manufacturer, and broken into pulp again, and then processed into paper through various processes. It can't be used for printing, so it's the cheapest in price.

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