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The thickness, apparent density (tightness) and bulk thickness of the eco friendly kraft paper tape
The thickness of the writable kraft tape paper is useful for determining the end use of the product. But it is more important to determine the apparent density of the paper.
Density is particularly important because there are many important relationships between density and mechanical properties of paper.
The loose thickness of writing kraft paper tape refers to the volume of a certain quality of paper.
It is opposite to the apparent density, that is, the apparent density is the reciprocal of the bulk thickness.
The paper thickness of writable kraft tape is only an unsatisfactory method to express the performance.
The standard procedure for measuring thickness is to clamp the paper with two steel plates under a certain pressure.
The distance between the two paper clips is the thickness measurement.
There are two obvious defects in this method. First of all, the paper surface is rough, the paper is not usually the same thickness.
Secondly, the pressure exerted by the pressure plate will compress the paper structure.
Due to the different surface roughness and compressibility of writable kraft tape, there will be obvious error when the measured thickness is compared.
For example, the total thickness is often less than the cumulative value of the sheet thickness measured by TAPPI gauge.
Similarly, the paper density calculated from TAPPI thickness is often low.
Some other methods can be used to reduce or eliminate the error caused by TAPPI gauge.
These methods include: measuring the thickness of multi-layer paper, using the thickness gauge of soft pressing plate, measuring the density with a specific gravity meter to calculate the thickness, and using the formula to determine the bending stiffness and extension stiffness to obtain the thickness synchronously.
This final method shows that the paper thickness is directly proportional to the square root of the ratio of the two stiffness mentioned above.

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