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Relationship between writable kraft tape&printing!

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The performance of the printing effect of eco friendly kraft paper tape depends on the relationship between the printing ink and the material to be printed. The printed material paper can be divided into coated paper and uncoated paper.
The so-called coated paper is coated with a layer of coating color on the base paper, so that the paper has good optical properties and printing properties.
The paper coating methods can be divided into on-line coating and post machine coating, each with its own advantages and disadvantages
1、 On-machine coating
Coater is a part of the paper machine. Because the coating speed of the coater must be the same as the speed of the paper machine, it is suitable for producing a single type of coated paper with large demand. The advantages and disadvantages of machine coating are as follows:
1. The coater and the papermaking machine are connected together, so there is no paper damage at the end of the paper when the reel is operated.
2. No special space is needed to store the original paper roll to be used.
3. The space occupied by the machine is small.
4. There is no need to roll and handle the iron core, so it can reduce the need of labor.
5. There is no need for special drying equipment, base paper holder and cutting machine, so the installation is expensive and the cost is low.
6. Simple operation, suitable for mass production of coated paper with few kinds and large quantity.
7. Early identification of base paper quality problems.
l. It is not suitable for producing coated paper with more varieties and less quantity.
2. If the coater or paper machine breaks down, another machine will stop.
2、 Off machine coating
After coating is to completely separate the paper machine from the coater, and place them in different places independently. The base paper roll made by the papermaking machine is sent to the base paper rack of the coater. When the back stage processing is required, the coating machine will apply coating. Its advantages and disadvantages are summarized as follows:
1. Coater and papermaking machine are independent, so one coater can coat all kinds of kraft paper made by several papermaking machines.
2. It has great flexibility and is suitable for producing all kinds of coating products.
3. The speed of the coater is generally faster than that of the paper machine, so the scheduling is easy and the processing capacity is large.
4. It is suitable for producing coated paper with more kinds and less quantity of finished products.
5. Provide excellent coating quality.
6. The coater and the papermaking machine are separated, so when one of them fails, they will not affect each other, causing the trouble that both machines need to stop.
1. When the base paper is in the reel operation, the paper head and tail will be damaged, and the paper loss rate is large.
2. High labor cost and workshop space are required for base paper reel and storage.
3. Coater needs to be equipped with paper holder, cutting machine, coating drying equipment, so the machine takes up a large space and the equipment cost is relatively high.
The quality of the writable kraft paper tape is closely related to the printed material, and the quality of the printed material is closely related to the base paper, coating and surface treatment. Therefore, choosing a good paper as the printed material is the only way to save cost and improve the printing quality.

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