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The color of kraft paper tape is not suitable for printing!

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Color kraft paper tape factory introduced that kraft paper tape, as an important commodity packaging kraft paper tape product, is often used to make various packaging boxes, top-quality boxes and lining kraft paper tape, and also used for inner support kraft paper tape products.
When used for face paper, it often needs to be printed. For Kraft paper tape, some colors are not suitable for printing, Because the visual effect after printing is not very good.
First of all, the most unsuitable for kraft paper tape to be printed is white, especially full plate printing white.

Because the surface of kraft paper tape is relatively rough for other paper products, and full page printing white is easy to produce uniform printing section.

Especially for kraft paper tape products with not very smooth paper surface treatment,

it is easier to produce uniform printing section, which should be avoided At the same time, if it is necessary to print, it is best to choose kraft paper tape with smooth paper surface to print.
If you want to print white, you'd better not use a large amount of white printing, you can use a small area of blanching process, and to eliminate the use of white is on the surface of the packaging box about product introduction, especially where a large number of words need to be printed on the cosmetic box, it is necessary to put an end to the printing of white text and black text, and use other colors to print as much as possible A place to measure words.

As an important packaging material, kraft paper tape is more suitable for simple printing because of its own special color. It is not suitable for the complicated color composition and printing process like copperplate paper and whiteboard paper.

The simplicity itself is enough to reflect the high-end image of the product.

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