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Eco friendly Kraft paper tape horizontal and vertical!

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According to the introduction of the ECO friendly kraft paper tape manufacturer, the paper paper including kraft paper tape has lines, especially the wood pulp kraft paper tape products. The direction of the kraft paper tape texture is very clear and obvious. At this time, it is very simple to distinguish the lines of kraft paper tape. 

However, it is difficult to distinguish the grain of kraft paper tape with naked eyes. For example, the grain of recycled kraft paper tape or environmental kraft paper tape is common.

Due to the high content of recycled pulp, it is difficult to identify the grain of wood pulp with naked eyes.

At the same time, when ordering kraft paper tape, users should pay special attention to the texture of kraft paper tape For the industry, the texture of kraft paper tape is very important, so how to distinguish the texture of kraft paper tape?   

1. The drum width of kraft paper tape is horizontal grain, and the height of drum is longitudinal grain. For example, if our 1092 reel is cut into 1092 * 787mm, it is the longitudinal grain, that is, the 1092 grain is the normal direction of the paper. If a 1092 drum is used to cut 787 * 1092 mm flat sheet, it is a vertical pattern.

Due to the difference in tension and bursting strength between the vertical and horizontal lines of kraft paper tape, special attention should be paid when ordering.

At the same time, the different horizontal and vertical patterns of some kraft paper tape products, especially kraft paper tape products, have a certain impact on the printing effect, The vertical and horizontal direction of kraft paper tape products have little impact on the printing effect.   

2. It is a way to tear kraft paper tape by hand. Compared with the direction that is easy to tear, it is the direction of grain. When comp

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