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Problems with printing with ECO friendly kraft paper tape?

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ECO friendly kraft paper tape manufacturers introduced that the paper is relatively hard and durable, compared with double adhesive paper, coated paper and gray board paper. We can say that he is stubborn and difficult to get along with, so there are some problems that need to be paid attention to in the printing process
Structure: environmental protection kraft paper compared with coated paper, due to the treatment of double-sided coated paper, its appearance is relatively smooth, white board with gray background looks very smooth, lubricating appearance, complex will be very good. Environmental protection kraft paper kraft paper long fiber structure or fiber structure is regenerated, resulting in no outer coated paper, double-sided circuit board, and outer flat board. Therefore, we require that the appearance of kraft paper can not be printed in Qingdao and coated paper, white card paper and duplex board face value, its specification is low.
If you really want to achieve excellent printing function, you may as well handle the appearance of environmental protection kraft paper and kraft paper: if the printing area of the ink part is large, it will be difficult to handle, but in general, large-scale ink printing will not be carried out, and the characteristics of environmental protection kraft paper and kraft paper will be lost. Therefore, before the printing of environmental protection kraft paper, we can carry out front-end processing. Where we want to print pictures and text, we can print transparent oil. The purpose of printing transparent oil is to fill up the uneven part of the paper, make the paper look flat, and then print words on it in time. It will be much better.
In addition to printing, there is another problem: environmental protection kraft paper has a good hardness, that is, it is very hard, some of the cut paper is not very flat, we will face a problem: how to make the green kraft paper relatively paperback into the printing machine, do not damage the printing machine. This also requires some front-end processing: our environmental protection kraft paper kraft paper has some high gram heavy paper. We advocate that some humidity treatment should be carried out before printing to make it soften properly, so as to meet the printing requirements without setting a ban and damaging the printing machine.

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