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Specification and application of kraft paper tape

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Kraft paper tape supplier to introduce: kraft paper tape composition is actually very simple, that is, kraft paper coated with adhesive, in which kraft paper is the base material. There are several types of kraft paper tape, such as wet kraft paper tape, no kraft paper tape, high temperature resistant kraft paper tape, white kraft paper tape and layered kraft paper tape.
The water-free kraft paper tape has the outstanding benefits of waterproof, tensile, high-strength viscosity, not easy to warp, corrosion resistance, etc., while the wet kraft paper tape has the benefits of recyclable use, pollution-free, environmental protection, etc., and has strong viscosity.
Different types of kraft paper tape have different specific uses. Kraft paper free tape is mainly used for the sealing of industrial product packaging boxes; wet kraft paper tape needs wet water to be sticky, mainly used to shield the handwriting on paper packaging boxes, and can be written or printed directly on them.
There are different specifications for kraft paper tape used in different occasions, so what are the specifications for commonly used kraft paper tape? The thickness of the commonly used self-adhesive kraft paper tape is generally 0.15mm, and the width is mostly 48mm, 50mm, 60mm, 72mm, etc.

The thickness of kraft paper tape is generally between 0.13-0.25mm, and the width is between 10-1240mm. The length of kraft paper tape is very random, but most of them are 50m. The special standard kraft paper tape can also be customized to the manufacturer, which can generally meet any standard requirements.

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