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Wet water kraft paper tape answer questions!

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FAQ of wet kraft paper tape
What is wet kraft paper?
Answer: the kraft paper tape made of kraft paper coated with wet water glue is called wet water kraft paper tape. According to the material of paper,

it can be divided into three categories: common wet kraft paper tape, fiber (wire) wet kraft paper tape and imported wet kraft paper.
What are the characteristics of wet water glue?
Answer: wet water glue belongs to the type of plant starch glue. It has no added chemical components and is soluble in water.

After being coated with water, wet water glue will produce stickiness. The stickiness is similar to stamps.
Q: where is wet kraft paper tape mainly used?
Answer: mainly used for packing and sealing.
According to the requirements of EU environmental protection packaging Directive: the packaging materials must be degradable materials,

and will not pollute the environment and be soluble in water when recycled. The common sealing tape can not meet this directive,

which makes the wet kraft paper tape widely used in the packaging of the sealed case exported to the EU.

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