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What's the difference between wet kraft paper tape and water-free kraft paper tape?

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Water free kraft paper tape is mainly made by coating the surface with silicone oil (silicone oil paper), and the adhesive surface is coated with hot melt adhesive or rubber and other self-adhesive products. Because this kind of kraft paper is separated from the shape, so the surface is waterproof, and will not be bonded with the adhesive surface, so it is relatively square to use.

However, it is also true that kraft paper materials are easy to be oxidized, easily metamorphosed and not suitable for durable storage.
Hot melt adhesive type kraft paper tape can not withstand high temperature, and after a long time of bonding, it is easy to corner up, can not be durable to ensure that the rubber type kraft paper tape can withstand high temperature, but the price ratio is higher than that of hot melt adhesive type kraft paper tape.
Wet kraft paper tape is mainly made by applying wet water glue on the bottom of kraft paper material. The wet water glue belongs to plant starch glue, which does not have its own viscosity.

The adhesive wet kraft paper tape is stronger than that of water-free kraft paper tape only after water (coating) is required. The surface kraft paper material has no process, so it is obviously weaker than that of water-free kraft paper tape in tension.
However, due to the long-term improvement process of market demand, the tensile strength of ordinary wet kraft paper has also been strengthened (reinforced wet kraft paper tape) compared with hot-melt adhesive, the advantage of wet water adhesive is that the cost of wet water adhesive is not high, and its viscosity is stronger than hot-melt adhesive, and it will not show the edge angle warping, or high temperature resistance and other appeals.

However, different wet adhesives are very good at bonding on the smooth (non absorbent) material, so the selection of kraft paper tape or the demand depends on their own needs. The two have different appeals on printing.

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