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Material of brown paper tape!

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Wet kraft paper tape manufacturers introduced that the nature of kraft paper is made of what information, some people see why kraft paper is called kraft paper, will think that there are ingredients of kraft in it. In fact, this is not the case. One of the reasons why kraft paper is called kraft paper is that its color is a little similar to that of cowhide. The other is because its toughness is relatively strong, just like cowhide, it is not easy to stop destroying it.
But in fact, the nature of kraft paper, he used half wood pulp to stop manufacturing, so there is no mixed with any Kraft ingredients, in this question can give a very absolute answer.
In fact, the whole manufacturing process of kraft paper is relatively difficult. It is different from the ordinary paper in the process of stopping manufacturing. When the ordinary paper stops manufacturing, especially the white paper, it uses wood pulp to stop manufacturing, because it is requested to have a clean color.
But our kraft paper, in the manufacturing process, is made of semi wood pulp, so there are many impurities in the manufacturing process that do not need to be removed, so it can preserve the original color of many wood materials. Therefore, its color is similar to the natural primary color of wood.
In fact, the use of kraft paper is very common, so when the manufacturing and processing are stopped, the consumption power of kraft paper has made great progress. When the ordinary consumer manufacturers stop the consumption of kraft paper, they will not specifically stop the consumption of kraft paper. Generally, several kinds of paper are stopped together, and some leftovers can be used as raw materials for kraft paper consumption.

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