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Problems of kraft paper tape!

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According to the introduction of kraft paper tape manufacturers, any product will present problems. I summarized the problems of kraft paper tape printing consumption. In the long-term sales process of kraft paper tape, it was found that kraft paper tape is the most likely to present problems in several stages.
1、 Unreasonable operation in kraft paper beating. That is to say, there are many factors that affect the quality of beating, such as beating pressure, beating time, paper concentration, paper properties, knife spacing, knife characteristics, beating temperature, pH value of paper and materials added during beating. This is our downstream dealers can not change, only in the purchase time to prevent the main.
2、 Quality problems in kraft paper transportation. The supplier shall pay attention to the kraft paper packaging when delivering the goods, and the placement between the paper rolls during transportation to prevent collision (abrasion and damage), while the Demander shall also compare the physical parameters such as the color, quantity and specification of the paper when receiving the goods, and carefully check whether the packaging is damaged or not and whether there is quality problem.
3、 Improper storage of kraft paper presents quality problems. Dealers and demanders should pay attention to the dry ventilation when storing kraft paper, adhere to the standard humidity of the warehouse, and the warehouse staff should strictly follow the warehouse rules.

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