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About kraft paper tape color difference!

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Kraft paper tape manufacturers to introduce that in the kraft paper tape industry, the most headache is the problem of kraft paper tape color difference. So what's the reason?
In the process of kraft paper tape consumption, the hardness of water, pH value of headbox, beating degree and wood pulp ratio have a profound impact on the color change of kraft paper tape.
1. Hardness of clear water: the hardness of clear water is generally 100dh. If the hardness exceeds the normal value, the color of paper becomes darker.
PH value of headbox: in the process of dyeing, aluminum sulfate is usually added to play a role as a mordant for the dye, but too much aluminum sulfate will make the pH value of the slurry low, the color phase dark, the color unstable, and not conducive to the anti light ability of the base paper.
Beating degree: after beating, the fiber is more transparent, showing more colorable appearance, and the fiber with high beating degree has high color degree.
Wood pulp ratio: the color of various wood pulp varies in depth and lightness, and they all have different coloring properties. Therefore, the wood pulp ratio has a great influence on the color of kraft paper tape and kraft linerboard waste.
In particular, recycled kraft paper tape, according to the proportion of recycled paper components, the color will change accordingly.
2. In fact, there are many variables that affect the color difference of kraft paper tape. In the process of manufacturing kraft paper tape, any neglect may affect the color and quality of paper, which is also the reason why different batches of kraft paper tape sometimes show color difference.

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