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How is ECO friendly kraft paper tape made?

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ECO friendly Kraft paper tape manufacturers, about kraft paper tape papermaking process. We are not new to kraft paper tape. The production of kraft paper tape is mainly divided into three stages: pulping stage, paper making stage and processing stage.
Russian Kraft linerboard
1. Process 1: pulping stage. The process of making wood or other materials into pulp consists of the following steps. Raw material selection → cooking separation fiber → washing → bleaching → washing and screening → concentration or preparation into pulp slices → storage and standby.
2. Process 2: paper making stage. It's the process of making pulp. There are several steps.
Paper making: dispersing → removing impurities → refining → beating → preparing various additives → mixing of paper materials → flow of paper materials → headbox → net part → pressing part → boring part → surface sizing → boring → calendering → coiling into paper.
Coating section: coating base paper → coating by coater → boring → coiling → rewinding → super calendering
3. Process 3: processing stage:
Rewinding → cutting plate (or drum) → sorting and packaging → warehousing completed
We can make kraft paper tape through three processes. Let's share the papermaking process of kraft paper tape here.

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