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Wet activated kraft paper tape features!

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Wet kraft paper tape is mainly made of kraft paper as the base material, and then modified starch as the adhesive. The adhesive property can be produced only after wet water. It can be written on kraft paper. The industry is generally known as re wet kraft paper adhesive tape. Generally applicable to export carton seal or cover the carton handwriting.
Kraft paper tape is classified as kraft paper tape and wet kraft paper tape. Wet kraft paper tape can be used for printing (printed kraft paper tape).
The wet kraft paper tape is mainly made of kraft paper with ribs as the base material, and then modified starch as the adhesive to apply the non-toxic, tasteless and non corrosive imported high-strength glass fiber middle diamond and longitudinal composite fiber tape. It can produce strong viscosity after wet water, and can also seal the cartons firmly.
It is generally an environmental protection tape suitable for the international development trend. Wet kraft paper tape is also known as wet activated kraft paper tape, wet fiber kraft paper tape and wet water band kraft paper tape.
Wet kraft paper tape has good tensile strength, strong tension resistance, is not easy to break, has no viscosity before wet water, and produces viscosity after wet water. It can write and print font, pattern, logo or company trademark on kraft paper. After wet water, it has the characteristics of strong initial adhesion, strong tension, temperature resistance, etc. its base material and adhesive will not pollute the environment, and can be recycled with the packaging.
Wet kraft paper tape is mainly used for sealing all kinds of corrugated cardboard boxes and plastic boxes, and for sealing or covering the lettering of export cartons. It is mainly used for packing, sealing, etc.
Wet kraft paper tape is a kind of wet kraft paper tape which is made of raw kraft paper coated with starch glue or corn glue and cut after drying.
When it is used, a light wipe of wet cloth on the surface will produce stickiness. At the same time, because it is close to the color of the carton, it can be widely used to pack and seal the carton to ensure beautiful appearance, or to print and paste the carton to modify the shipping mark.
The principle of adhesive is similar to stamp pasting, because the raw material is pure wood pulp, so it can be quickly degraded in the natural environment, without any pollution and harm to the environment, which has been widely used in EU countries this year.
The main domestic application cases are:
1、 A large number of sound factory because the cartons are five or seven layers of Hard boxes, high hardness and high requirements for the adhesive tape, so that fiber is sandwiched inside the wet paper tape to make the kraft paper tape with ribs, at the same time, according to the requirements of customers, personalized text can be customized on the surface to transmit the brand concept.
2、 The food factory is not suitable to use the chemical transparent tape to stick the box. The kraft paper to stick the box is retro and environmental friendly, more fresh. In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to food safety in China. The fresh vegetables bundled in supermarkets have been changed from the original packing tape to PE fresh film. The sealing tape of the outer package has also been transformed from BOPP Packing tape to kraft paper tape.
Kraft paper tape is widely used in packaging of all walks of life instead of traditional case sealing tape because of its advantages of environmental protection, degradability, no pollution to the environment, convenient packaging and use, personalized customization, elegant packaging, high tensile strength, no edge warping and no cracking.

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