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Wet water kraft paper tape to introduce single gloss kraft paper!

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Wet water kraft paper tape manufacturer introduces the gram number, specification, type, price and use of single kraft paper?

Single side kraft paper is a kind of special kraft paper. It is usually divided into single-sided sanding and single-sided polishing. The smoothness of single side sanding is slightly worse than that of single side. The color is usually light white kraft paper and single kraft paper. How many grams, specifications and approximate price of light yellow kraft paper? Specifically, there are the following.
1. Light yellow kraft paper
Single side kraft paper is divided into single-sided matte paper and matte paper. Generally, the gram weight is less than 60g, mainly low gram weight. The coil paper specification is usually between 600-1800mm. The main types are single wood pulp and recycled pulp single gloss kraft paper, including food grade and ordinary grade. The price of light yellow kraft paper of ordinary grade recycled paper pulp is usually between 5000-8500 per ton, food grade price The imported single-sided light yellow kraft paper is usually relatively high, which is basically above 10000 yuan per ton. It is mainly produced in Sweden, Australia and the United States, and the quality of single-sided light yellow kraft paper produced in Sweden is the best.
2、 Single white kraft paper
According to the glossy surface, one side white kraft paper is still divided into single side and matte surface. The weight of single white kraft paper is usually less than 50g. If the weight is more than 50g, it is usually necessary to customize the single-sided white kraft paper. 780-1800mm, basically all wood pulp kraft paper. The price of ordinary single gloss kraft paper is 7500-9800 yuan / ton, while the price of food grade high-end single gloss kraft paper is usually more than 10000 yuan / ton. Single side kraft paper is mostly imported kraft paper products, few domestic manufacturers can produce. Among them, Sweden, Australia and Japan are the main sources of white kraft paper. Among them, there are high cost-effective imported random code single gray kraft paper.
Main uses of single side light kraft paper:
1. It can be used in food packaging bags. KFC, McDonald's and other packaging bags use food grade yellow kraft paper as takeout packaging bags;
2. It can be used to make small packing bags and ornaments, beautiful, elegant and durable.

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