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Introdution of recycled kraft paper tape!

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According to the introduction of the manufacturer of eco friendly ECO kraft paper tape, the recycled kraft paper tape is the kraft paper produced by recycling the used waste paper to make recycled pulp, which is called recycled kraft paper. Nowadays, with the development of society, more and more recycled kraft paper is used.
Main ingredients: for example, industrial waste kraft paper box is used as the main raw material for production, and mixed waste paper is used as the main raw material for the gray bottom layer of paperboard. These products can be called industrial recycled kraft paper. Usually, the cultural paper used for writing and printing is mostly made of bleached chemical log pulp, and this paper can also be made from waste paper. The cultural paper produced is called recycled paper.
American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stipulates that recycled paper can only be called recycled paper if the secondary fiber content is no less than 50%. There is no national standard in China, but generally speaking, only when the content of recycled pulp in the finished kraft paper is between 70% and 80%.
What are the main advantages?
1. It can slow down the rate of deforestation and protect the ecological environment;
2. It can extend the service life of the landfill site;
3. It can save energy and reduce pollution;
4. It can reduce the fatigue of reading.
Moreover, the price of recycled kraft paper tape is generally cheaper than that of all wood pulp kraft paper. The performance and quality of recycled kraft paper are worse than those of all wood pulp kraft paper, but it is not so bad. It mainly depends on what kind of kraft paper is used for. The best one is suitable for your own products.

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