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Water activated kraft paper tape industry trend analysis!

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According to the analysis of Water activated kraft paper tape manufacturers, for kraft paper tape industry, the international and domestic market is relatively weak in 2019, but the overall situation is good. Novel coronavirus pneumonia market will continue to be a trend in 2020. With the promotion of plastic restriction and environmental protection in various countries, green, environmental protection and waste paper supply will continue in the paper tape industry. Meanwhile, the new crown pneumonia outbreak will have a certain impact on the production and supply of kraft paper tape industry in the short term. In a short narrative, we focus on the analysis of several major trends of kraft paper industry in 2020.
1、 Impact of coronavirus  epidemic on kraft paper tape industry
The biggest impact of the sudden outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 on the paper industry is the delay of the start-up date of the paper mill in the early 2020. Even if the start-up is started, it still faces the influence of insufficient raw materials and low production capacity, and the starting time can not guarantee that additional personnel can not be in place. In the short term, kraft paper supply including white kraft paper tape, natural kraft paper tape and other products will be short However, this effect will not last long. It is preliminarily estimated that the impact will last until the middle of March or the end of March.
2、 Green paper making and green production
For 2020, green environmental protection is still mentioned. It can be said that green papermaking is the most concerned development direction and technology including kraft paper tape industry. Due to the serious environmental pollution caused by traditional papermaking, with the in-depth development of pollution control in China, green papermaking will become the development direction of the paper industry, especially the domestic environmental protection policies are becoming more and more perfect, The paper industry will continue to promote environmental protection and green papermaking.
3、 Shortage of environmental protection and recycled kraft paper raw materials will continue
In 2020, environmental protection kraft paper tape and recycled kraft paper tape will become popular again. Environmental protection from concept to practice is a major event of kraft paper tape. Similarly, the shortage of raw materials used for the production of high-quality environmental protection kraft paper tape will continue. If the supply of raw materials can be guaranteed, every kraft paper tape manufacturer will be tested.

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