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ECO friendly kraft paper tape in line with international trends!

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In the 21st century, many companies respond to the call of the state and produce products that are more in line with the international trend and demand of environmental protection!
I think the products that meet the international environmental trend and demand should meet the following three requirements!
1: More attention should be paid to ecological and environmental risks and population health issues.
Developed countries and regions such as Europe, America and Japan have passed the period of rapid industrialization. The traditional pollution problem has been solved. In this stage, the emphasis is on environmental risk identification and risk prevention and control.
More emphasis on environmental risk assessment and risk control of chemicals.
Pay attention to the development of life cycle toxicity testing and prediction techniques with high efficiency, accurate results and species localization. In order to reduce environmental risk and protect public health, we should pay attention to the coordinated control of green substitution in the treatment of source and pipeline end.
2: More attention should be paid to solving complex systematic environmental problems.
A series of important progress has been made in earth system science research. A global stereo observation system and research network for global change research has been initially established to provide scientific services for governments at all levels.
Environmental problems need to be solved systematically. International environmental protection technology has changed from single factor to multi-dimensional comprehensive research, from local pollution control to regional and even global scale ecological and environmental problems.
The main performance is as follows: environmental science research has entered the stage of comprehensive integration with the earth system as the object. It has studied the regional ecosystem of space and earth integration and the interaction of various environmental factors, and established a highly developed environment. Information network realizes the analysis of environmental factors.
Long term continuous observation can reveal the mechanism of human activities affecting the earth system to a greater extent.
3: Pay more attention to the integration and application of new technology in many fields.
Environmental protection technology integrates green technology into various industries and fields, takes measures from the root causes of environmental problems, seeks sustainable production and consumption mode, and promotes the coordinated development of environment, economy and society. With the continuous expansion and deep application of molecular technology, biotechnology, new material technology, information technology, cloud computing and big data in the field of environmental protection, developed countries have broken through many key environmental governance and management technologies. Improve the quality and promote the environment.
Innovation and development of quality monitoring, early warning and environmental risk prevention and control technology. Specifically, molecular biotechnology reveals the genetic information and performance characteristics of microorganisms through gene hybridization and sequencing, which provides a powerful experimental means to understand the genetic characteristics of environmental microorganisms in the biological reaction mechanism.
UAV remote sensing technology is developing towards multi-scale, multi-frequency, all-weather, high-precision, high-efficiency and rapid development, which greatly improves the real-time and operability of environmental remote sensing technology.
The continuous integration of environmental protection technology and new technology further promotes the development of environmental protection industry.
Our company is based on the domestic market demand development of writable kraft paper tape. With imported kraft paper as base material, hot melt adhesive and natural rubber as adhesive, environmental protection kraft paper tape can seal carton firmly. It is a kind of environmental protection tape which adapts to the international development trend. The product has the characteristics of high initial adhesion, high peel strength and strong tensile force. Its substrate and adhesive will not pollute the environment and can be recycled together with the packaging (in accordance with EU ROHS standard). It is mainly used to replace BOPP tape for sealing, bundling, etc.
Writable environmental protection kraft paper tape has the characteristics of good safety, easy to use, no energy consumption and no pollution. Base paper is kraft paper and glue is hot melt adhesive. It has waterproof, strong adhesion, high tensile strength, good retention, no warpage, stable weather resistance, high viscosity, no warpage, long shelf life, and in the case of no water to ensure long-term viscosity!

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