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ECO requirements of recycled water kraft paper tape!

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Recycled kraft paper is a kind of kraft paper product produced by beating waste paper as raw material.

In addition to using wood as raw material and saving wood resources, recycled kraft paper is also environmentally friendly in the process of production.

What kind of recycled kraft paper can be regarded as environmental protection and what is the real environmental protection standard of recycled kraft paper?
Recycled kraft paper contains more than 80% or all of the waste paper raw materials can be called recycled kraft paper.

The wood pulp used for recycled kraft paper is usually wood produced by fast-growing and high-yield forest farms, and needn't use coniferous pulp and other long-term forest resources, which can effectively protect the original forest resources.

It is precisely because recycled kraft paper does not need to be felled Trees, therefore, can be called an environmental protection way, and the other one of recycled kraft paper is called recycled environmental protection kraft paper or environmental protection recycled kraft paper.
Is the recycled kraft paper produced by using waste paper beating can be called environmental protection kraft paper?
If only the kraft paper using recycled pulp raw materials can not be called environmental protection, the real environmental protection is from the source to the product.
For example, the recycled kraft paper can not produce pollution in the production process, only the recycled kraft paper without pollution can be called recycled environmental protection kraft paper.

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