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What specifications does self-adhesive reinforced kraft pap

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Self-adhesive reinforced kraft tape is mainly used to replace BOPP tape for sealing and banding.
Self-adhesive reinforced kraft tape is our company's own consumption with imported kraft paper as the substrate, with modified starch as the adhesive tape.
Self-adhesive reinforced kraft paper tape can stop the carton strong seal, is in line with the international development trend of environmental protection tape.
Kraft tape is a green product, with high initial adhesion, peeling degree, tensile strength and other characteristics, its substrate and adhesive ring
The environment will not form pollution and can be recycled with the packaging material, self-adhesive reinforced kraft tape is mainly used to replace BOPP tape, such as sealing,
Banding, etc.
The above contents are provided by the manufacturer of kraft tape, the company produces and sells: wet water stiffened kraft tape, stiffened kraft tape,
White kraft tape, self adhesive kraft tape, kraft tape semi-finished products, kraft tape master roll, OEM various kinds of kraft tape, welcome
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