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What is perforated kraft paper tape?

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Perforated kraft paper tape (perforated tape and unperforated tape)
The product described
Perforated kraft tape
Repair middle board with hole panel Mosaic tape
Thickness: 0.065-0.16 (mm)
Width 7 9 12 14 16 19 (mm)
Color: white, nature can be customized by the buyer (perforated tape and non-perforated tape)
This product is made of imported kraft paper and coated with water-soluble adhesive
Properties: the adhesive surface can become sticky with proper amount of water; Early adhesion, strong wet adhesion, good adhesion forever;
Adhesive water and curing conditions are not affected by hot and cold climate; Good tensile strength, high tensile strength, not easy to break;
Select excellent raw materials, non-toxic and pollution-free; If you want to remove the adhesive surface of the remaining tape, available
Sander or emery cloth right amount scrub, can remove adhesive tape, do not leave a trace.
Kraft paper tape use: furniture, wood, and other industries stop panel Mosaic, also used in plywood and
Bending wood industry, repair board, veneer, etc.
Used for edge sealing when turning veneer to prevent dry crack. When cutting veneer, directly into the ends, put
When the coil is dried, the sealing sideband is naturally bonded to the veneer.

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