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Kraft paper tape:what are the advantages of packing kraft pa

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First, I would like to talk about a-grade kraft paper. A-grade paper has very good breaking resistance and smoothness.

It is often made with wood pulp or mixed pulp, which can meet the needs of multi-color printing.
At the same time can be packaged high-grade products. Grade A kraft paper quality is more compact, thickness is more uniform, good toughness, with good pressure resistance, tensile resistance, tear resistance, resistance
Disassembling, folding resistance and water resistance, paper double-sided smooth, with a more uniform ink absorption, surface dedusting and hair less phenomenon.
Grade A kraft paper is mainly used for high-grade handbag, hand bag, food packaging bag, carton, cardboard, packaging color box, etc. So the price of grade A kraft paper is relatively high.
Then there is b-grade kraft paper, b-grade kraft paper can meet some requirements for the use of low print, such as monochrome printing or printing with less ink can be used b-grade paper.
B grade kraft paper price moderate, ordinary is made with recycled paper or mixed pulp paper, due to the growing shortage of raw materials, capital from time to time, there has been too
Many of the consumption of pulp (all wood pulp) kraft paper factory, has been in the mixed or recycled pulp paper market.
These two kinds of kraft paper have their own advantages, each merchant can according to their own appeal to choose suitable materials for their products to consume.

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