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What are the advantages of kraft paper tape?

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Kraft paper tape is made of paper as the base material. The paper itself is made of the so-called "kraft paper process", which is the main method of producing paper.
But this strength is only one of the many advantages of kraft paper tape.
Why use kraft tape?
Kraft paper tape is a kind of environment-friendly tape, which can be neatly pasted on the package.
 If it is reinforced kraft paper tape with glass fiber line, it can provide another layer of safety and high tensile strength.
Once you seal a box or package with paper tape, it forms a permanent combination, similar to an envelope.
You need to tear it to open it, and plastic tape can be torn. This makes paper tape an ideal way to prevent theft or tampering. Someone can't open the box without tearing the tape.
Kraft paper tape is usually used by enterprises that use boxes that are not filled with hard goods - such as clothing manufacturers - or companies that transport loose and non-stackable products.
It is easier to seal the box with kraft paper tape when too much pressure cannot be exerted on the tape.
At the same time, the strength of this tape makes it a good choice for transporting heavy or overfilled cartons. And it is very printable, allowing you to print your company's name or LOGO when shipping.
Kraft paper tape is also an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic tape, such as PVC and polypropylene. The paper material and water-based adhesive used to make adhesive tape are environmentally friendly and sustainable in the production process, and can be recycled with the transport box.
Advantages of kraft paper tape include:
It has no smell and is a good choice for transportation food companies
This is very sanitary and suitable for pharmaceutical companies
It can be neatly adhered to a series of different products, including new or recycled cardboard, or dirty or dusty surfaces.
Its adhesion is very good. You only need a piece of adhesive tape to fix your package
It is very durable and can withstand various environmental conditions

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