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The advantages of kraft paper tape printing logos?

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When we consider saving the cost of packaging materials, using custom printed kraft paper tape may seem a bit wasteful.
After all, when you can use ordinary kraft paper tape to transport products, why buy kraft paper tape with trademark?
We believe that the packaging belt with trademark is an investment, not an expense.
Here are some reasons why the packaging tape with trademark can help your enterprise stand out:
1. It puts your brand in the most prominent place
Customized printing kraft paper tape can do two jobs at the price of one roll of tape.
First, it seals your package and ensures that it reaches the place it needs to go.
Secondly, it is a small billboard of your brand. Your trademark is a key part of your brand's efforts. It is an easy way to attract attention to put it on a repeated tape.
In addition, it will leave a lasting impression on customers and show them your attention to details. Custom printing tape is a kind of kraft paper tape, which is true in many aspects.
2. This is an economic packaging method
You look around and see other companies using customized printing boxes to deliver their products. This seems to be an attractive option until you consider the cost.
There are also costs associated with printing boxes, such as setting up printing presses and purchasing color ink. Plus some factors, such as the complexity of your trademark, the number of boxes you need to order,

and whether you will print on one side of the box, the cost may rise more.
In addition, putting your logo and/or information on the box usually requires a box larger than the box you normally use, which will take up valuable space in your warehouse.
With the printing belt, you don't have to worry about these costs. You can also use ordinary boxes, which can reduce the purchase volume and save you money and storage space.
3. This is another layer of security
The use of marked packaging tape provides you with another security measure to prevent tampering. Using ordinary universal tape, it is easy for someone to cut your box, and then reseal it with a roll of tape they bought in the supermarket.
This will not happen with custom print tapes. Your company is the only source of the tape, so if someone tampers with the package, you will know.
Printing kraft paper tape also improves traceability, especially for enterprises selling and transporting food.

You can also print "fragile" or "handle with care" on the tape to ensure that your products are handled and transported in the correct way.
Is your company ready to label itself? Phoenix tape can help. We have been creating outstanding packaging tapes with a trademark of more than 30 years.
Whether we cooperate with large companies or small family businesses, our goal is the same: to create a cheap tape that can improve brand awareness.
Contact us now for more information. Our sales team can answer any possible questions, and our art department is looking forward to creating a design that shows your logo to the world.

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