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Years of professional experience in manufacturing tape
Focus on the production of kraft paper tape, with rich experience in production and R&D, coated kraft paper tape, Eco friendly No PE coated kraft paper tape, writable kraft paper tape, reinforced kraft paper tape, white kraft paper tape, printed kraft paper tape, wet water kraft paper tape, wet water reinforced kraft paper, wet water perforated wet water paper tape and other products, for domestic counterparts, domestic trade companies Domestic tape dealers and other new and old customers to provide better kraft paper tape products and services!
serveral tapes production lines, a number of chain complexes
We mainly produce self-adhesive and wet adhesive tapes based on hot melt, rubber, and wet water. We configure multiple production processes with upstream and downstream manufacturers to ensure high production efficiency, meet customer supply needs, and effectively control production costs. We are your tape supplier!
Rapid logistics, and improve after-sales service
With much industry experience, we can accurately solve the product needs of customers, cooperate with many large-scale logistics companies, quickly deliver goods to cities and counties across the country, serve customers in various regions, and shorten your project time。
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Suzhou ZhongMing New Material Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Suzhou city,Jiangsu province,China. The company Founded in China PilotFree Trade Zone in 2020, it is an import and export company specializing in the global overseas market based on the production of kraft paper tape manufacturing factory. It powerful adhesive products manufacturer integrating production and sales, providing packaging materials for various industries. Now, our main products are PE coated kraft paper tape, E ...
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The usage of writable kraft paper tape in countries across the world!
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How to Properly Use Kraft Paper Tape!

Different types of kraft paper tape

Kraft paper tape is a necessary product for environmental protection packaging. Brown tape is famous for its tough support and reliable adhesion, which can meet the needs of many different packaging. It is used...

The advantages of kraft paper tape printing logos?

When we consider saving the cost of packaging materials, using custom printed kraft paper tape may seem a bit wasteful. After all, when you can use ordinary kraft paper tape to transport products, why buy kraft...

What are the advantages of kraft paper tape?

Kraft paper tape is made of paper as the base material. The paper itself is made of the so-called "kraft paper process", which is the main method of producing paper.But this strength is only one of the many adva...

What's the kraft paper tapes

Kraft paper tape is based on kraft paper, and glue is applied to one side of it to form a strong adhesive tape. Kraft paper tape is classified into water-free kraft paper tape, high temperature resistant kraf...

What is perforated kraft paper tape?

kraft paper tape|Writable kraft paper tape|No PE coated Writable kraft paper tape|Eco friendly kraft paper tape|self adhesive kraft paper tape|Reinforced kraft tape|kraft paper tape|No PE coated Writable kraft p...

Solve the bubble in the writable kraft paper tape!

According to the introduction of the manufacturer of eco friendly writable kraft paper tape, we always encounter some problems when using kraft paper tape, which we can accept. But most people do not know what ...