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Years of professional experience in manufacturing tape
Focus on the production of kraft paper tape, with rich experience in production and R&D, coated kraft paper tape, Eco friendly No PE coated kraft paper tape, writable kraft paper tape, reinforced kraft paper tape, white kraft paper tape, printed kraft paper tape, wet water kraft paper tape, wet water reinforced kraft paper, wet water perforated wet water paper tape and other products, for domestic counterparts, domestic trade companies Domestic tape dealers and other new and old customers to provide better kraft paper tape products and services!
5 tape production lines, a number of chain complexes
We introduce a number of advanced self-adhesive ECO friendly paper tape and Wet water activated kraft paper production lines with hot-melt and rubber as the main parts. We have many production plants under it to ensure high production efficiency and meet the supply needs of customers. Meanwhile, we effectively control the production cost. We are your tape supplier!
Rapid logistics, and improve after-sales service
With much industry experience, we can accurately solve the product needs of customers, cooperate with many large-scale logistics companies, quickly deliver goods to cities and counties across the country, serve customers in various regions, and shorten your project time。
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Suzhou ZhongMing New Material Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Suzhou city,Jiangsu province,China. The company Founded in China PilotFree Trade Zone in 2020, it is an import and export company specializing in the global overseas market based on the production of kraft paper tape manufacturing factory.It powerful adhesive products manufacturer integrating production and sales, providing packaging materials for various industries. Now, our main products are PE coated kraft paper tape, EC ...
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<strong>Green packaging has become the development trend!</strong>
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Similar to 3M#600/Sekisui 252/Nitto No.29 Cellophane tape is gradually popularize

Solve the bubble in the writable kraft paper tape!

According to the introduction of the manufacturer of eco friendly writable kraft paper tape, we always encounter some problems when using kraft paper tape, which we can accept. But most people do not know what ...

Difference between beating&grinding of water ac

In the production of water activated kraft tape, the problems of beating and refining of base paper of kraft paper tape are involved. In fact, why is it said that the wet kraft paper tape is made of beating ra...

How can writable kraft paper tape be stored?

According to the introduction of the manufacturers of writable kraft paper tape, many companies hope that they can buy and use it immediately and achieve zero inventory. But in fact, this idea is not realistic....

How to remove the adhesive mark of writable kraft p

We often use the writable kraft paper tape in our daily life. Maybe many people have had such experience. After pasting for a period of time, when the adhesive tape is removed, there will be glue marks left on...

Reason for the edge warping of writable kraft paper

According to the introduction of the manufacturer of writable kraft paper tape, kraft paper tape is a roll type adhesive tape made of masking paper and pressure-sensitive glue, which is coated with pressure-sens...

Production technology of writable kraft paper tape!

Writable Kraft paper tape is based on kraft paper. Glue is applied on one side of kraft paper tape to form a strong adhesive tape. The color of kraft paper tape is similar to the color of carton. ...