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What are the daily applications of kraft paper tape?

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Writable wet kraft paper tape.
Anhydrous kraft paper tape is made of high-strength kraft paper and thermosensitive adhesive. ,
The wet kraft paper water belt kraft paper base material is made of modified starch adhesive.
Water can become wet after producing viscosity, which has the characteristics of writing on kraft paper. It is suitable for the export carton to seal or cover the carton for writing.
In our daily life, we still use kraft paper tape in many places, because it is convenient for us to paste and use kraft paper tape. The price of kraft paper tape is still very low, but in some aspects, we still try to use professional tape.
In many cases, we also use kraft paper tape when installing wires and other electrical appliances, but in fact, we should try our best to use professional tape and kraft paper tape. Therefore, for safety reasons, we should use professional tape.
With the maturity of kraft paper tape technology, the price of kraft paper tape is getting lower and lower, replacing many places where life can or cannot be used.
Now we use kraft paper tape as our current kraft paper tape sales are still very considerable, which is inseparable from durability and other characteristics of kraft paper tape.

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