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Kraft paper tape: how to solve the problem of kraft paper powder

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Introduction of semi-finished products manufacturers of kraft paper tape,
1. Kraft paper is stored in a place where dust is easier to adhere and is not protected by film
2. The tracks on both sides of the paper machine elevator are not cleaned frequently: as the elevator descends, the tracks are easy to attach dust and fall, and the more paper is accumulated, the larger dust is likely to be generated.
3. The small fan of the injector is not cleaned, resulting in a backlog of dust around. When kraft paper is used for printing, it is easy to adhere to the surface.
1. For the solution of kraft paper mill powder: the switching frequency of vacuum cleaner and paper cutter of kraft paper rewinder can be increased to adjust. Because all kinds of machines will accumulate dust for a long time, and diligent cleaning and replacement can minimize these phenomena.
2. For the printing industry: in addition to dust problems, positive measures need to be taken to clean the anti-static pipes around the printing process and the nozzle, the anti-static pipes around the elevator, the tracks on both sides of the fan and the paper exhauster and other places, and keep these printing machines clean.

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